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9 thoughts on “ Phone Freaks 2: My Head Is Ripped Like My Dreams - Punks On Mars - Punks On Mars (Vinyl, LP, Album)

  1. Vinyylien toimituskulut Suomeen: € / lähetys Toki voi valita toimitustavaksi myös noudon liikkeestä - Levyt pidetään sivussa kolme viikkoa. Lista sisältää myös paljon vinyyleitä, joita meillä ei ole paikalla, mutta jotka haluamme tarjota haluaville tilattavaksi kauttamme.
  2. HQgm vinyl reissue of the jazz fusion band's debut album. >Susan Wong – My Live Stories LP (Evolution Ltd.) My Live Stories was recorded live over two days in the world famous Ocean Way Studios in Nashville, and is described by Susan as her 'best recording yet.' With an ensemble of top notch session musicians and a first class recording.
  3. [spoiler]My goal in making this list is to sift through every screamo album anyone cares about at all and see what I think is worth hearing or not. I often see these list people make of albums and it's just stuff in the top 40 on the chart with no commentary so I decided to literally do the entire chart and give whatever thoughts I have on an album (usually albums I rate higher I will have.
  4. allbranchesnotrunk uses Record Nerd to catalog their favorite vinyl records, CDs, LPs, T-shirts, zines & more. Check out allbranchesnotrunk's list now!
  5. X “Los Angeles” released 40 years ago today, April 26th Slash Records. One of the greatest punk records ever by one of the most enduring and endearing punk bands of all-time (still together and just released a new album with the original lineup like 2 days ago).
  6. My immediate reaction is like, ‘Get fucked, I’m not making another album. Fuck you, you can’t make me’.” He rolls his eyes. “year-old Kevin definitely came out ”.
  7. I can feel it in my dreams Miki Dora Taking your time Waves are gone Waves are gone We were up on North Beach And you're copping all my tricks, man But you don't do it like me Sitting on the pier Sipping on my beer I come upon a vision When Mary comes to me Silver golden waves And chills that keep me clear You all recall my name But don't.
  8. The weak link that I can hear on this monster album is 'Atomic Punk', my choice for a filler, but even 'Little Dreamer' is a good, catchy tune that stays with you. Rarely do you hear these days a punch quite like 'Eruption'/'You Really Got Me', 'Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love', and 'I'm The One'. This is power. This is hard rock at it's best.
  9. Figment is all about creating a musical idea or figment of a band. In many ways, it is creating your own homemade records, sans music of course. That’s why a new book “Enjoy The Experience: Homemade Records – ” (Sinecure Books) recently caught my attention. “Enjoy The Experience” is the largest collection of American private press vinyl records ever amassed and presented.

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