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  1. Surfacing was released as the first Lilith Fair tour hit the road, and Sarah McLachlan benefited enormously from the timing. As the organizer of Lilith Fair, McLachlan was on the cover of magazines across America and Canada, which helped Surfacing debut at number two on the U.S. charts -- a particularly remarkable feat since its predecessor, Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, peaked at number /
  2. Surfacing is Margaret Atwood’s second novel, which was published in , only three years after her first novel The Edible Woman was published. Though one of Atwood’s early novels, Surfacing is not one of Atwood’s earliest publications. By the time Surfacing was .
  3. The actual work of rubbing or surfacing varnish may be classed as an art. There must also be change wheels, studs and quadrant plates, self-acting feed for surfacing and cross slide, and clamping nuts. Set him to work at surfacing off a pair of disks or plates, say one and a half inches in diameter, sop.
  4. present participle of surface Synonyms & Antonyms of surfacing 1 to come to one's attention especially gradually or unexpectedly no information regarding the stolen car has surfaced since the police found it abandoned on a country road.
  5. Surfacing is Sarah McLachlan's 4th studio album, released July 15, It was produced by Pierre Marchand. It was McLachlan's bestselling album, debuting at number one or number two on the Top 40 charts in many countries, and officially confirming her star status in many countries (most notably the United States) where her album Fumbling Towards Ecstasy had been a steady seller but didn.
  6. Mar 28,  · A provocative blend of literary mystery, psychological thriller, and spiritual journey, Surfacing is the story of an artist who goes in search of her missing father on a remote island in northern Quebec. Accompanied by her boyfriend and a young married couple, the artist searches her abandoned childhood home for clues her parents may have left/5(31).
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  8. Surfacing is about an unnamed woman who returns to her hometown in Canada. She is searching for her father in a cabin in the woods where she was raised. She is on this journey with her lover and another married couple. As the days progress, this woman finds herself returning to nature, in /5().
  9. Surfacing is a quick read, but I liked it. I liked the premise of her almost magical ability that draws the truth from people and I love the themes of grief and blame that ultimately give way to forgiveness, so I knew that I needed to read this one/5.

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