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9 thoughts on “ Whys Everybody Gotta Be Assholes All The Time - id. - Stoic (1998​-​2007) (File, MP3)

  1. It sounds level-headed. That's pretty positive, IMO. Check for yourself if this is denial or acceptance. Are you aware of the possibility your grandmother may suffer greatly? does this possibility bother you? Are you invested in being her suppor.
  2. Listen: You're an asshole. It's who you are. But lately you look around and you see your fellow men peacefully coexisting with one another -- skipping through meadows, riding tandem bicycles, and just generally not being total cunts all the time -- and you want a piece of that action.
  3. These 18 timeless Stoic quotes will help you calm your mind, gather your courage, and face up to whatever life throws your way. If you are pained by any external thing, it is not this thing that.
  4. Add to that his loyalty to Stalin (surely one of the greatest butchers of all time), and his brutal extermination of the Polish Home Army because it was a potential enemy - and it's really difficult to seriously consider him Stoic in any way. By the way, he was not 'mistrusted' by the Poles.
  5. As usual, since all the original stoic works are in Latin, the translation makes a huge difference. Best entry into the original stoics is with one of the later ones, Marcus Aurelius. The best, most accessible translation (for any age) of Marcus Aurelius's thought is the recent edition published by David and Scot Hicks titled The Emperor's.
  6. After several decades of living, I find that perhaps the most precious aspect of being human is our uniqueness. We come in different shapes, sizes and colors, our own individual details. Self-acceptance is an uphill battle for most of us, and bei.
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  8. guys i just found a place whith alot of helicopters so i get in one and everytime i try to pick up someone they take out their guns and starts shooting at me. i mean i wont kill them or so i just try to pick them up they can f*cking leave if they dont want but why they want to kill me. im f*cking nice to everyone and they just kill me. last time i tuned my car and when i got out i immediately.
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